Testimonial Background

"One of very few publications I read from cover to cover." - Panayoti Kelaidis

"...the finest regional gardening magazine I've ever read." - Angie Hanna

"The depth, breadth and consistent quality of your paper is amazing." - Lucy Sanderson

"...a thinking gardener's companion." - Lauren Springer Ogden

"...Colorado Gardener has become the standard." - Kelly Grummons

Introduction to Steppes by Panayoti Kelaidis

(Excerpted from "Principle Steppe Regions", Panayoti Kelaidis’ Introduction to Steppes - the plants and ecology of the world’s semi-arid regions.) Our psychology, ecology, and habits as Homo sapiens were undoubtedly shaped by the millennia of evolution that took place exclusively in steppe and savanna environments, where our existence depended on our efficiency and ruthlessness as hunters (and ourintelligence evolved rapidly to help us avoid becoming prey).

Frank “Father Earth” Hodge by Jane Shellenberger

His father died when Frank was 11. All his siblings got other part time jobs working for aunts and uncles, but Frank stuck with growing food for a local farmer. At 15 he was taking vegetables to market, driving the farmer’s truck. “Completely illegal,” he says, "but the farmer said it was ok."

Piñon Pines and their Dwarf Selections by Kirk Fiesler

Piñons are the hardiest, most xeric and heat tolerant pine in our landscapes. Along with the native junipers, they would be the only thing alive in twenty years if we stopped irrigating our yards.

A Healthy Habitat Approach to Pest Management by Amy Yarger

Butterfly Pavilion showcases over 500 different species of plants in its tropical conservatory and public gardens, but around here, it’s the bugs that come first. The horticulture team has learned that pest management at an invertebrate zoo is a challenging and exciting journey, but well worth the results for everyone involved.

The Chemical Conversations of Plants & Bugs by Eric R. Eaton

Butterflies are known to have taste receptors on their feet; the female insect scratches the leaf surface to release volatile chemicals (kairomones in this case) that will tell her if this is the appropriate plant on which to lay her eggs. An incorrect choice means her caterpillar offspring will starve or be poisoned.

Beauty from The Wild; Gardening with Wildflower Columbine Species by David Salman

The best way to enjoy Columbine is to plant only non-hybrid species that establish colonies. They come true from seed and the flowers maintain the same brightly colored flowers like the parent plants. Most commonly sold Columbines are hybrids.

Preserving Native Diversity in the Midst of Development - High Plains Environmental Center by Jane Shellenberger

In a uniquely cooperative arrangement between developers, builders, and businesses, HPEC was formed as a non-profit (501C3) in 2001 to create and restore natural areas as a component of community design.

Grapes on the Front Range by Mikl Brawner

So thanks to Elmer Swenson and Scott's testing and selecting, we now have many Zone 4 grapes that grow well in all along the Front Range.

Meet the Nutrient Dense Brassicas by Paula Ogilvie

Cole crops are rich in sulfur-containing compounds that impart the distinct flavor and odors that some people may not appreciate.

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