• Kelly Grummons

What veggies can I plant in late summer and fall?

Q: What vegetables can I plant in late summer and fall for a nice late fall, winter or early spring harvest?

A: The vegetables that we traditionally plant in early spring such as spinach, peas, lettuce, radish, turnip and sweet onion can be planted as early as July or as late as September for a fall harvest. Using frost cloth or row-cover fabric through October and November can extend your usable harvest by several weeks. This is especially useful for spinach and onion that can also be harvested the next spring.

Being a broccoli lover, I sow a second crop in July that I can harvest in September and October. Fall broccoli is so sweet!

Written by Kelly Grummons, who writes our Q & A column, is co-owner of the mail order nursery businesses, coldhardycactus.com and dogtuffgrass.com

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