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  • Jane Shellenberger

2022 Harvest Issue landing!

Hello Colorado Gardener Readers!

Colorado Gardener: 2022 Harvest Issue landing!

Our Harvest print issue will be out soon. Look for it beginning Aug 23 and online a few days later. Topics include Crevice Gardening by Panayoti Kelaidis, Honeyberries by Bryan Prud'Homme, Witch's Herbs by Sara Stewart Martinelli, Plant Select Turns 25 by Mikl Brawner, Galling Mysteries by R Gary Raham, and more garden humor from John Hershey. Paula Ogilvie's Botany piece tells you why some trees hold onto their leaves all winter.

Hawthorn, a traditional witch's herb that's good for the heart

You may have heard that David Salman, founder of HIgh Country Gardens, passed away in June. We include a tribute to David by Lauren Springer.

As sometimes happens I had to hold a story about the Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins for next Spring's issue. But I urge you to go visit. The plants all look different now than they will in April & May. Their three newest gardens are all coming into their own. Lauren Springer's "Undaunted Garden" looks fantastic - so many cool & interesting plants! The adjacent "Foothills" and "Prairie Gardens" feature all native plantings. Bryan Fischer who designed "Prairie" says it really comes into its own in August. Here are a couple of photos taken in July.

Happy harvest season!

Jane Shellenberger

Publisher/Editor, Colorado Gardener



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