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  • Keith Funk

I have a garden pond with hardy water lilies that stay out all year round. I’d like to add some tropical night blooming water lilies this year. How warm does the water need to be?

A:  When pond water temperature reaches 70F. it's safe to set out tropical water lilies, water hyacinths, water lettuce, callas, water cannas and other tropical water plants.  Be sure to fertilize your tropical water plants throughout the summer months for the best performance.  Use organic, water garden fertilizer tabs that you stick into the soil of all your potted water plants.  The tabs don’t add nutrients to the water which can cause unsightly algae growth. 

Keith Funk is handling our Q & A this year. You may have visited one of Keith’s Denver area gardens on a tour or know him from his years at Echter’s and now at Nick’s Garden Center. For 30 years he’s been heard every Saturday morning from 7-9 with fellow Wise Guy, Jim Borland, on the Garden Wise Radio Show on Legends 810AM.



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