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  • Jane Shellenberger

July 2024 Newsletter

The Heat is On….

Of course, the heat has been on for weeks now. Other parts of Colorado have been rained and hailed on but in the Hygiene area we’ve missed almost all of that and it’s very dry. Still, when I look at the weather map of the U.S., or watch video clips of severe weather around the world, we are looking pretty fortunate in Colorado right now.

I just finished irrigating my pasture with ditch water and am heading to the mountains for a wedding and family vacation. This will be a good test of my new drip irrigation system which I can control from my phone. 

Enjoy this July e-magazine with a grasshopper piece by humor writer John Hershey (we are severely in need of some levity at this moment), and an article on Sacred Datura by Paula Ogilvie. We also have a bunch more gardening questions answered by Keith Funk.

Jane Shellenberger



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