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  • Kelly Grummons

Leaf Miners on Swiss Chard

Q: Every year, our swiss chard gets a leaf miner problem, causing most of the leaves to go brown and wilty in parts, or sometimes entire leaves. Diatomaceous earth helps some, but I would much prefer a solution that doesn't mean covering our beautiful plants in white dust. Are there alternatives?

A: Hi Morgan, there is an easy solution for leaf miner on Swiss Chard. One of the organic gardener's best friends is a natural pesticide called Spinosad. It works GREAT on leaf miners and is completely safe to use on vegetables and fruits. Make sure that you get an organic certified product. It will be most effective if applied when the first sign of the leaf miner appears. Repeat as needed. It is very pollinator-friendly especially when applied in the evening after the honey bees have gone home to sleep. Spinosad is also effective for garden caterpillars, beetles, spider mites, and whiteflies.

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