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  • Kelly Grummons

Spotty Buffalo Grass

Q: I have ‘Legacy’ Buffalo Grass in the front yard and parkway. It has been there for 8-10 years. Over the last two years it has gotten thinner and spotty. What can I do to rejuvenate it? They don’t have seed for this strain so I can’t overseed it.

A: I see this occur with most types of turfgrass. What has worked for me is to apply a thin layer of composted manure to the turf in April then use a mechanical aerator to lift plugs from the turf. The holes left behind will fill in with the compost and stimulate the buffalo grass to recuperate. I would also apply a light application of organic lawn fertilizer or corn gluten. The corn gluten has about 8% Nitrogen and can also act as a natural weed preventor. Aeration of buffalo grass may only be necessary every few years. I probably would apply an organic fertilizer every spring.

Written by Kelly Grummons, who writes our Q & A column, is co-owner of the mail order nursery businesses, and



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