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  • Jane Shellenberger

Suburbitat, a Guide to ­Restoring Nature Where We Live, Work & Play

Look for this new eBook by Jim Tolstrup, Executive Director of the High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC) in Loveland, CO.

Suburbitat offers detailed strategies for establishing and managing native landscapes, including grasses, shrubs, and flowers, that help to reduce demands on dwindling water supplies while restoring natural habitat. More than simply a book on gardening with native plants, it addresses human obstacles to conservation, including preconceptions about how landscapes should look while advocating strategies for working with rather than eradicating wildlife.

Douglas Tallamy, Author of Bringing Nature Home, says, “Jim’s superb guide will motivate landowners to embrace their environmental responsibilities no matter what ecosystem they live in.”

In three sections Suburbitat covers:

1) Colorado history and settlement, water projects, agriculture, and development, and how they have altered the landscape. This includes the environmental impacts resulting from the removal of Native American tribes as well as the founding of Centerra and HPEC.

2) Ways to restore habitat within communities that we design and build.

3) Community engagement and working with volunteers, including essays on conservation and preserving biodiversity.

The book contains over 180 photos, video links, and a planting chart listing 260 native species. All proceeds support the environmental stewardship mission of HPEC.

HPEC’s native plant sale continues through September 6th. To order online visit



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