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  • Kelly Grummons

What Kind of Vines Should I Plant?

Q: I would really like to plant some vines on my fences that support pollinators and wildlife. It seems like most vines are just green. I have some shade but mostly sun. What kind of vines should I plant?

Vines to plant in Colorado
Vines to plant in Colorado

A: There are so many vines that will provide food for pollinators and to wildlife. For bees and butterflies, plant honeysuckle, silver lace vine and sweet autumn clematis. For hummingbirds, plant honeysuckle, trumpet vine, cardinal creeper (annual), maypop and scarlet runner bean (annual).

Plant grapes if you want to feed birds - and raccoons! These vines will give you a lot of cover, texture and color throughout the spring, summer and fall.



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