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  • Keith Funk

When can I set out my tropical houseplants that have been indoors all winter?

A:  Houseplants scheduled to spend the summer outdoors should be kept inside until late-May or early-June when night temperatures stay above 55F.  Move them out gradually and into the shade since the foliage will not be accustom to outdoor light intensity, wind, temperatures and humidity.   Move high light plants into their sunny summer location gradually and expect some temporary leaf drop and burning.  Tropicals are fast growers and therefore should be fed regularly.  Weekly weakly is my method.  Show them some love.  They are depending on you for everything.

Keith Funk is handling our Q & A this year. You may have visited one of Keith’s Denver area gardens on a tour or know him from his years at Echter’s and now at Nick’s Garden Center. For 30 years he’s been heard every Saturday morning from 7-9 with fellow Wise Guy, Jim Borland, on the Garden Wise Radio Show on Legends 810AM.



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