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  • Jane Shellenberger

June 2024 Newsletter

Fireflies, Native Medicinal Herbs for Your Garden, & More 

Hard to believe it’s June already but there we have it.  I just bought a new electric lawnmower, taking advantage of the state rebate.  Not being especially good with machinery I’ve had it with old, troublesome gas-powered equipment but I was chagrined to read in the manual for the electric one that I should not use it to cut weeds. This admonition was accompanied by two graphics: one of a perfect grass lawn, another with a perfect grass lawn sprinkled with a few small rounded weed leaves and a slash through the whole picture. Que?? That was so demoralizing that I haven’t tried the mower yet. I guess we’ll see - I’ll keep you posted.


We have some great articles for you in this June issue of our E-magazine. The first is on fireflies by natural science (and science fiction) writer, Gary Raham. (His newest book of science fiction is a finalist for the Colorado Book Award this year.)  The second, by herbalist Sara Stewart Martinelli, covers Colorado native medicinal herbs that will grow easily in your garden.  Humor writer John Hershey sent me a short piece called “Give Kale a Chance.”  And Keith Funk has some great garden Q&A advice for you.


The prediction I’ve seen is calling for a hot summer so mulch your plants to keep moisture in (use gravel, not wood chips for dryland plants), take care of your trees, and take it easy.  Oh, and check our calendar for always inspiring garden tours!

- Jane Shellenberger



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