Testimonial Background

"One of very few publications I read from cover to cover." - Panayoti Kelaidis

"...the finest regional gardening magazine I've ever read." - Angie Hanna

"The depth, breadth and consistent quality of your paper is amazing." - Lucy Sanderson

"...a thinking gardener's companion." - Lauren Springer Ogden

"...Colorado Gardener has become the standard." - Kelly Grummons

Gardening With Men by Penn Parmenter

I like men. I’ve always gotten along famously with them. Perhaps that’s why I ran off to the woods with my mountain man husband and made three giant boys. Now that I’ve been gardening with men in the wilderness for 25 years I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I try to learn their ways and then utilize that to my benefit.

Strawberries by Joel A. Reich

Most people love eating fresh strawberries. And most Colorado food gardeners have planted them at some point. But in my experience talking with farmers and gardeners all over the state, a majority of folks have what they describe as “disappointing” results.

Saving the Milkweed Universe by Gary Raham

Milkweeds and other native plants support both wild native bees and honeybees during periods when crops are not in bloom… The Xerces Society, which promotes invertebrate conservation, also notes that in addition to supporting pollinators, milkweeds aid and abet predators and parasites of many crop and garden pests.

Butterfly Gardens & the Big Picture by Amy Yarger

It is almost impossible to create a garden that will only attract butterflies; a butterfly garden will invariably host American goldfinches, praying mantises, and ladybugs. Healthy gardens support dozens of complicated and intricate relationships.

Hospital Food? Take Another Look by Larry Stebbins

“Hey, our hospital should have a greenhouse! How great would that be? We could have healthy food, healthy patients, and a healthy community. And it could all be right here in our backyard.”

Stinky Plants by Marcia Tatroe

The voodoo flower is a bulb hardy in Front Range gardens. While the voodoo lily is probably the next best thing to its corpse flower cousin, in ten years it has never failed to deliver a flower truly redolent of putrefying flesh.

Why Rain Gardens and Xeriscapes Should Marry by Kenton Seth

Gardeners are an important and commendable force in public education… We should be proud. But a relatively new conservation concept for us , such as xeriscaping, could stand to be improved. There is a dangerous, slippery slope of overwatering xeriscapes.

The Mind’s Eye of Niña Williams by Jane Shellenberger

After extricating herself from the exhilarating, high-powered magazine editor position in New York, Williams returned to Colorado with two young children and continued as editor-at- large for Country Living Gardener. Her creativity surged in Denver.

Plant Plumbing & Sticky Situations by Paula Ogilvie

…What humans and aphids are both busy collecting is plant sap, a highly concentrated sugary fluid that moves throughout the plants’ plumbing system.

Unusual, Durable, Beautiful, Compact, and Waterwise by Mikl Brawner

Achillea serbica, the Serbian creeping yarrow, is not like the aggressive, rhizomatous Achillea millefolium varieties. It is not a thug. The foliage is very beautiful with narrow, cut-leaf, silver-gray “evergreen” leaves, the ½” daisy flowers are pure white with a yellow eye. It is deer and rabbit resistant, and provides nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies.

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