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  • Jane Shellenberger

September 2023 Editor’s Letter


Hello Colorado Gardener Readers,

It’s amazing to see how green it is here at this usually brown & dusty time of year. It sure makes gardening and life with horses easier. Here are a couple of pics of Chamisa, our native rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus) from Hygiene. They are really gorgeous right now.

Thanks for all the nice comments about how much you enjoyed reading Colorado Gardener over the years. I enjoyed putting it together too, but am looking forward to more downtime and “non-doing” (though I don’t include gardening in that statement).

I don’t know yet how often we’ll be sending out this e-newsletter but I think you can count on about once a month. Our feature for this one is on Knuckleheads – a new term to me, but then I’m not the trendiest person around – and getting less trendy every day. Check out the Knuckleheads article or read it on our website.

Enjoy the fall! It’s often the best season in Colorado!

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